Monday, November 22, 2021

Morocco ~ Philippines 1984

 Visit to the Kingdom of Morocco by
First Lady Imelda Marcos to attend the wedding of
Princess Lalla Meryem & Fuad Filali
hosted by King Hassan II
Sep. 1984

Princess Lalla Meryem (daughter of King Hassan II)
& husband Fuad Filali

First Lady Imelda Marcos in Morocco
(Video Credit -Youtube by Giampaolo Lomi)

Princess Lalla Meryem 

Princess Lalla Meryem & her father King Hassan II

Princess Lalla Meryem & her father King Hassan II

First Lady Imelda Marcos with Princess Lalla Meryem

First Lady Imelda Marcos greeting Princess Lalla Meryem  

Queen Sofia of Spain greeting Princess Lalla Meryem  

First Lady Imelda Marcos being greeted by King Hassan II
& Crown Prince Sidi Mohammerd

Queen Sofia of Spain, King Hassan II & First Lady Imelda Marcos 

King Hassan II greeting First Lady Imelda Marcos & other guests

His Majesty Hassan II
King of Morocco
1961 to 1999


  1. Hello may we know the source of these photos and videos?

    1. pics are just from google search/ video from youtube (trimmed)

    2. Thanks -- would you be able to share the original link of the videos of the First Lady?

    3. The one from the Lamrani Studio?