Sunday, August 16, 2020

Philippines ~ Argentina 1986


State Visit  to the Philippines
by President Raúl Alfonsín of Argentina
hosted by President Corazon Aquino
July 1986

Pres. Raúl Alfonsín arrival in Manila
(Video Credit -Embajada Argentina en Filipinas)

Pres. Raúl Alfonsín & Pres.Corazon Aquino during the
welcome ceremony at Manila airport

Pres. Raúl Alfonsín is welcomed at Manila Hotel
by its general manager 

Pres.Raúl Alfonsín is conferred the Order of Sikatuna rank of Raja
by Pres.Corazon Aquino during the State Dinner at Malacañang Palace

His Excellency Raúl Alfonsín
President of the Argentine Republic
1983 to 1989

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