Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Philippines ~ Peru 1996

State Visit to the Philippines
by President Alberto Fujimori  of Peru
hosted by President Fidel Ramos 
November ,1996

Peruvian Pres.Alberto Fujimori's State Visit to the Philippines
(Video Credit- Associated Press)

Pres.Alberto Fujimori arrives in Manila

Pres.Alberto Fujimori is welcomed at the airport
by Vice-Pres.Joseph Estrada

 Pres.Ramos welcomes Pres.Alberto Fujimori
at Malacañang Palace

 Pres Alberto Fujimori & Pres.Ramos review
the honour guards, Malacañang Palace

His Excellency Alberto Fujimori
President of the Republic of Peru
1990 to 2000

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