Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Philippines ~ Hungary 1982

 State Visit to the Philippines by
 President Pál Losonczi & First Lady Pálné Losonczi of Hungary
hosted by President Ferdinand Marcos & First Lady Imelda Marcos
June 1982

Pres.Ferdinand Marcos ,Pres. Pál Losonczi  & Mrs.Marcos
during the arrival ceremony at Manila Airport

Pres. Pál Losonczi & Pres.Ferdinand Marcos, behind are
First Lady Pálné Losonczi & First Lady Imelda Marcos
during the arrival ceremony at Manila Airport

Pres. Pál Losonczi  & Pres.Ferdinand Marcos exchanges gifts
at Malacañang Palace

First Lady Imelda Marcos, Pres. Pál Losonczi ,Pres.Ferdinand Marcos 
& First Lady Pálné Losonczi during the State Dinner  at Malacañang Palace

Pres.Marcos conferred the Order of Sikatuna, Rank of Raja to Pres. Pál Losonczi
& the Order of Gabriela Silang on First Lady Pálné Losonczi

Pres. Pál Losonczi & Mrs. Marcos 

Pres. Pál Losonczi & Pres.Marcos during the departure ceremony
at Manila Airport

His Excellency Pál Losonczi
Chairman of the Presidential Council (President)
of the People's Republic of Hungary
 1967 to 1987

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