Sunday, February 26, 2017

Czech Republic ~ Philippines 1997

State Visit to the Czech Republic
by President Fidel Ramos & First Lady Amelita Ramos
hosted by President Václav Havel 
& Prime Minister Václav Klaus

Pres.Václav Havel & Pres.Fidel Ramos reviewing the honour guards

Pres.Fidel Ramos & Pres.Václav Havel

Pres.Fidel Ramos & Pres.Václav Havel during the State Dinner

Pres.Fidel Ramos & Prime Min.Václav Klaus

Meeting with Czech and Filipino business leaders in Prague 

Pres.Fidel Ramos & Czech Senate Pres.Petr Pithart

 His Excellency Václav Havel
1st President of the  Czech Republic
1993 to 2003
10th President of Czechoslovakia (Czechoslovak Federative Republic)
1989 to 1992

  His Excellency Václav Klaus
Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
1993 to 1998

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