Saturday, October 4, 2014

Philippines ~ Thailand 1955

State Visit to the Philippines
by Prime Minister Plaek Pibulsonggram of the Kingdom of Thailand
& his wife Madame La-iad Pibul Songgram
hosted by President Ramon Magsaysay 
& First Lady Luz Magsaysay
April 1955

 Prime Min.Pibulsonggram inspecting the honour guards
upon his arrival at Manila airport

Prime Min.Pibulsonggram delivering a speech at the
Manila airport with Vice Pres Carlos Garcia

Vice Pres Garcia presenting Prime Min.Pibulsonggram to
Pres.Ramon Magsaysay & First Lady Luz Magsaysay
at Malacañang Palace

Prime Min.Pibulsonggram,Vice Pres Garcia
& Pres.Ramon Magsaysay

Vice Pres Garcia, Prime Min.Pibulsonggram &
Pres.Ramon Magsaysay

Mrs Leonila Garcia (wife of the vice pres), First Lady Luz Magsaysay
& Madame Lai-iad Pibul Songgram at Malacañang Palace

Prime Min.Pibulsonggram receiving the Order of Sikatuna
Rank of Raja from Vice Pres Garcia
looking at the background is Pres.Magsaysay
during the State Dinner at Malacañang Palace

State Dinner at Malacañang Palace

 Pres.Ramon Magsaysay receiving the Order of the White Elephant
from Prime Min.Pibulsonggram

Knight Grand Cordon of
The Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant
conferred to Pres Magsaysay by Prime Min.Pibulsonggram

Prime Min.Pibulsonggram at a reception at the
Thai Legation in Manila

His Excellency Plaek Pibulsonggram
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand
1938 to 1944
1948 to 1957

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