Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Philippines ~ Cambodia 1956

 State Visit to the Philippines by
HRH Prince Norodom Sihanouk of the Kingdom of Cambodia
hosted by President Ramon Magsaysay & First Lady Luz Magsaysay
Jan 30-Feb 05, 1956

Prince Sihanouk is welcomed by Vice Pres.Carlos Garcia
arrival honors at Manila Airport

Prince Sihanouk delivering his arrival statement

Vice Pres. Carlos Garcia, delivering his welcome address
to Prince Sihanouk

 Arrival at Malacanang Palace

 Prince Sihanouk is welcomed by Pres & Mrs Magsaysay
at Malacañang Palace

 Prince Sihanouk, signing the Malacañang Palace guest book

State Dinner, Malacañang Palace

 Pres. Magsaysay conferring the Order of Sikatuna, Rank of Rajah
to Prince Sihanouk
During the visit Prince Sihanouk also conferred to Pres. Magsaysay
the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Cambodia

 Prince Sihanouk arrival at the Philippine Congress

 Prince Sihanouk addressing the Philippine Congress

 Prince Sihanouk visit to LVN Pictures studio

 Prince Sihanouk with LVN Pictures talents

 Prince Sihanouk visiting a factory

Prince Sihanouk visiting a factory

 gala dinner for Prince Sihanouk, with Vice Pres Carlos Garcia

 gala dinner for Prince Sihanouk

 gala dinner for Prince Sihanouk

gala dinner for Prince Sihanouk

 Prince Sihanouk arrival in Baguio City

Prince Sihanouk & Vice Pres Carlos Garcia in Baguio City

Prince Sihanouk with Vice Pres.Carlos Garcia

Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Cambodia
Grand Croix de l'Ordre Royal du Cambodge
conferred to Pres.Magsaysay by Prince Sihanouk during the visit

His Royal Highness Norodom Sihanouk (his title in 1956)
of the Kingdom of Cambodia
                             1941 to 1955   title ~ His Majesty, King of Cambodia 
                             1955   ~ abdicated in favour of his father Norodom Suramarit 
                                              and served as his father's prime minister
                             1955 to 1957   title ~ Prime Minister of Cambodia (non-consecutive term)
                             1960 to 1970   title ~ His Royal Highness, Head of State (Sovereign Prince)
                             1975 to 1976   title ~ His Royal Highness, Head of State (Sovereign Prince)
                             1993 to 2004   title ~ His Majesty, King of Cambodia

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